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Further Reading: Bolaño’s Library

Moby Lives, the blog of Melville House Publishing who published The Last Interview & Other Conversations, ran a 2-week series called “What Bolaño Read”. It is a very useful introduction to the reading habits of a man with an insatiable appetite … Continue reading

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Interview with Bolaño by Carmen Boullosa

“Nicanor Parra says that the best novels are written in meter. And Harold Bloom says that the best poetry of the 20th century is written in prose. I agree with both. But on the other hand I find it difficult … Continue reading

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Biographical Essay by Wimmer: Bolaño & The Savage Detectives

‘In Mexico City in 1976, a twenty-three year old with wild hair and aviator glasses stood up in the Librería Gandi, one of the bookstores that unwittingly supplied him with free books, and read a manifesto urging his fellow poets … Continue reading

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Natasha Wimmer’s ‘Notes Toward an Annotated Edition of 2666’

“p. 312:  “He chose The Metamorphosis over The Trial, he chose Bartleby over Moby-Dick, he chose A Simple Heart over Bouvard et Pécuchet, and A Christmas Carol over A Tale of Two Cities or The Pickwick Papers.  What a sad paradox, thought Amalfitano.  Now even bookish pharmacists are afraid to take on the great, … Continue reading

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Advice on the Art of Writing Short Stories by Roberto Bolaño (Entre Paréntesis 1988-2003)


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Review: 2666 in The New York Review of Books (2008)

“We follow Bolaño into digressions, and with the weak intuition of a dream we sense him playing with the tools of genre: halfway through, a scene might vaguely take on a quality of thriller, porn, or fable. Every so often … Continue reading

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