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Essay: ‘An Afternoon With Huidobro and Parra’ by Roberto Bolaño

‘Afterwards I feel something tugging at my pants. Huidobro’s ghost? No, it’s Parra’s cats, six or seven stray cats who every afternoon come to the garden of the greatest living poet of the Spanish language to eat his food. ‘ … Continue reading

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Essay: ‘Neuman, Touched by Grace’ by Bolaño (Entre Parentesis)

“When I come across these young writers it makes me want to cry. I don’t know what the future holds for them. I don’t know whether a drunk driver will run them down some night or whether all of a … Continue reading

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Essay: ‘I Never Went to Blanes’ by Diego Trelles Paz

‘With every day that passes, I am more convinced that the act of writing is a conscious act of humility.” Read More….  

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Essay: An Extract from Bolaño’s ‘Literature + Sickness= Sickness’

‘To write about sickness, especially if one is gravely ill, can be a torment. Writing about sickness, if one is not only gravely ill but also a hypochondriac, is an act of masochism or desperation. But it can also be … Continue reading

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Advice on the Art of Writing Short Stories by Roberto Bolaño (Entre Paréntesis 1988-2003)


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Article: Why Bolaño Matters by Garth Risk Hallberg

“In the space of a few sentences, Juan Garcia Madero has earned his wings. He has learned to see the sadness of the whoremonger, to find the gunfire in the fireworks and vice versa. He has become, in the fullest … Continue reading

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Bolaño: A Naïve Introduction To The Geometry Of His Fictions by Javier Moreno (2008)

“I used to think that the diagram above was everything I had to say about Roberto Bolaño. I was very careful when I drew it, three years ago. I had just finished reading 2666 and was completely overwhelmed by its force.” … Continue reading

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