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The Translators: Audio Interview & Reading with Natasha Wimmer

Natasha Wimmer discusses translating Bolaño’s major novels and reads a translation in progress from Entre Parentesis (Between Parentheses). Listen here…. Advertisements

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Interview: Natasha Wimmer on translating Bolaño’s sex scenes

“Metió los dedos hasta el fondo, la chica gimió y alzó la grupa, sintió que sus yemas palpaban algo que instantáneamente nombró con la palabra estalagmita. He pushed his fingers all the way in, the girl moaned and raised her … Continue reading

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Biographical Essay by Wimmer: Bolaño & The Savage Detectives

‘In Mexico City in 1976, a twenty-three year old with wild hair and aviator glasses stood up in the Librería Gandi, one of the bookstores that unwittingly supplied him with free books, and read a manifesto urging his fellow poets … Continue reading

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Natasha Wimmer’s ‘Notes Toward an Annotated Edition of 2666’

“p. 312:  “He chose The Metamorphosis over The Trial, he chose Bartleby over Moby-Dick, he chose A Simple Heart over Bouvard et Pécuchet, and A Christmas Carol over A Tale of Two Cities or The Pickwick Papers.  What a sad paradox, thought Amalfitano.  Now even bookish pharmacists are afraid to take on the great, … Continue reading

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The Translators: Natasha Wimmer Interview

“I greatly admire Chris Andrews’s work and envy his friendship with Bolaño. He and I have never met—translators tend to work without much interaction with other translators—but who knows? I’d say there’s a good chance we’ll cross paths at some … Continue reading

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Washington Post:A Writer Crosses Over (2007)

“[T]he only protagonist of Bolaño’s work — the authentic heroine of his books — is literature itself. Literature as Golden Fleece or Holy Grail or Rosebud-branded sled pursued to the bitter end by men and women who believe solely in … Continue reading

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New York Times Article (2005)

“His writing is neither magical realism, nor baroque nor localist, but an imaginary, extraterritorial mirror of Latin America, more as a kind of state of mind than a specific place.” Interesting article in The New York Times (2005) with brief biog. Read … Continue reading

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