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Excerpt from Tres published in BOMB magazine

BOMB magazine have published an excerpt from Laura Healy’s forthcoming translation of Bolaño’s poetry collection Tres. The poem was online for a limited time and has since been taken down from their site. We have it here though. Pre-order the … Continue reading

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First Infrarealist Manifesto, a translation

“It is four light-hours to the end of the solar system; to the nearest star, four light-years. A disproportionate ocean of void. But are we really sure that it is only a void? We only know that in this space there are no … Continue reading

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Biographical Essay by Wimmer: Bolaño & The Savage Detectives

‘In Mexico City in 1976, a twenty-three year old with wild hair and aviator glasses stood up in the Librería Gandi, one of the bookstores that unwittingly supplied him with free books, and read a manifesto urging his fellow poets … Continue reading

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Review: The Romantic Dogs in The Quarterly Conversation

“Chasing an unnamable dream, Unclassifiable, the dream of our youth, Which is to say the bravest of all Our dreams.” Read More….

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Appearing and Disappearing Like True Poetry: Ben Ehrenriech on Bolaño and poetry

“Roberto Bolaño wrote about many things, but mainly he wrote about writers: journalists, philosophers, essayists, novelists, and, more than anything, poets. “ Read More….

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