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‘Dear Ruffinelli’: A letter from Bolaño

“ I must have met Alcira in 1970 and the last time I saw her was probably in 76. I didn’t know about her death. In fact, a young Chilean writer named Matías Ellicker traveled to Uruguay, it’ll be a couple … Continue reading

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Bolaño in Mexico by Carmen Boullosa

“On July 2, 2003, I wrote scolding him for not having replied to my e-mail of a few days before. On the third, Carolina wrote back: “Dear Carmen, Roberto asked me to reply to your message and tell you that … Continue reading

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Appearing and Disappearing Like True Poetry: Ben Ehrenriech on Bolaño and poetry

“Roberto Bolaño wrote about many things, but mainly he wrote about writers: journalists, philosophers, essayists, novelists, and, more than anything, poets. “ Read More….

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The New Yorker:Roberto Bolaño and his fractured masterpiece (2007)

“Bolaño, who was dyslexic, didn’t enjoy the classroom, and he dropped out of high school, devoting himself to poetry. During the late sixties, mass demonstrations erupted frequently on Mexico City’s streets, and Bolaño revelled in the political ferment. He became … Continue reading

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